Saturday, 9 February 2008

Leapsa pe carti

Leapsa pe carti
1. Ia cartea care este cel mai aproape de tine.
2. Deschide-o la pagina 123.
3. Găseşte a 5-a propoziţie/frază.
4. Postează pe blog textul urmatoarelor 4 propoziţii/fraze urmand instructiunea nr 5.
5. Nu îndrazni sa scotocesti prin rafturi după cartea aceea foarte deosebită sau “intelectuală”. (lasa putin hazardul sa se joace in voia sa, precum dadaistii).
6. Dă leapşa mai departe la alţi 6 prieteni.

La mine s-a intamplat asa:
Matters Of Honor by Louis Begley:
"It was Henry`s second rejection and, like the first, he took it hard, to the point of not wanting to walk by the club`s building at lunchtime or if a tea or cocktail party was in progress. As a result, he took strange detours on his way to the house dining room. I didn`t blame him. Except for his Brooklyn address and Brooklyn high school diploma, he conformed so well to the stereotype of a member that people routinely assumed that he was one or asked why he wasn`t, in either case making Henry cringe."


Now it`s your turn.

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still alive said...

"Musstest du all diese Leute toeten, damsals vor zwei Jahren in Crema, und jetzt diese anderen in Mailand verstuemmeln? Und das nicht etwa im Kampf, sondern kaltbluetig, aus Starrsinn, aus Rache, wegen einer Befriedigung!"
"Ah, du verfolgst meine Taten, als waerest du Rahewin! Nun denn, so wisse, es war nicht Starrsinn, es war ein Exampel. Es war die einzige Art und Weise, diese ungehorsamen Soehne zu beugen. - Umberto Eco, Baudolino

aleash said...

postez ca si comentariu pe blogul tau ca la mine si asa nu intra nimeni :"> nu prea scriu, aceea nici nu-i fac publicitate :-j
Owen would never again do important research, but the latter half of his career was devoted to one unexceptionable pursuit for which we can all be grateful. In 1856 he became head of the natural history section of The British Museum, in which capacity he became the driving force behind the creation of London's Natural History Museum. The grand and beloved gothic heap in South Kensington, opened in 1880, is almost entirely a testament to his vision.
Bill Bryson - A short History of Nearly Everything

EU said...

a fundamenta=to ground

te-ai prins
dictionar roman-englez

Daria said...

Klein is a decision researcher with a Ph.D. , a deeply intelligent and thoughtful man, and he wasn`t about to accept that as an answer. Instead, for the next two hours, again and again he led the firefighter back over the events of that day in an attempt to document precisely what the lieutenant did and didn`t know. "The first thing was that the fire didn`t behave the way it was supposed to," Klein says. Kitchen fires should respond to water. This one didn`t.