Sunday, 20 January 2008

What if you`re barcoded?

When I was a child I stumbled upon a simple diagram that explained some of the elements found in a basic supermarket bar code. I was fascinated by its complexity and at the same time I couldn't believe how easy it was to understand. I remember feeling like I had found the ultimate decoder ring.
Gosh, what if I`m just an ordinary product in a supernatural power`s storehouse? What if I was bar coded at birth and now I`m just waiting on a huge supermarket shelf for someone to buy me ? It`s so easy to become a product, with all these mass-media and imagery bullshits. Well, indeed I`m an exception to this, we all are. But isn`t it
exactly our obtrusion to try being different that makes us alike? We live in a consumerism dominion, all we do is buy, consume, buy again. Just buy this, buy that, buy everything. Madonna buys sainted water every month in value of $10,000. I personally buy so many useless things for myself, if at least they were doing good to me. But all they do is cherishing an unhealthy feeling of property, which is anyway ephemeral.
It`s not that I hate living in a bar coded world. Actually, this is a consequence to all the technologyzing hustle-and-bustle. In fact it makes me feel like I`m part of the system, I`m not an outsider. When it comes to joining the system, there`s no "accept/deny" option. You either get a bar code, either don`t exist.
A bar code doesn`t make you a lifeless product. It`s just a small part of your identity, not your alter-ego.

Accept it because it`s yours. And now, to smooth out a bit your foreheads, check this out:

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still alive said...

I have also my retina scanned.
Dar pentru a fi gasit, trebuie sa ajunga la ea. adica la mine.
Asa ca stau linistit si ii astept ... sa vina ...