Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lingual. Multilingual.

An Erasmus party is taking place one evening in Berlin. Friedrich is talking to Joanna, a Polish student. Captivated by his charm, she is about to leave with him and asks where he`s parked his car. In der Kurve he answers, (on the corner). Outraged, Joanna slaps him - Kurve sounds very much like the Polish word kurwa, meaning a girl who is easy. Confused, the young German decides to stay at the party and starts chatting to Cecile, a French girl. With Christmas just around the corner Friedrich asks her outright Isst du Pute? (do you like Turkey?). A slap round the face swiftly follows - in French pute means prostitute. Finally, Friedrich decides to have a cigarette together with Maria, who is Spanish. When he casually offers her a Feuer (a light) the same thing happens again. Third slap! The German word Feuer sounds very similar to the Spanish word follar meaning shag.

Perhaps sticking to just one language is the key to a good night out.

4 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

asa pateste cine stie prea multe limbi :-" hehehe >:)
intre timp ai invatat si germana si rusa? sau numa araba si japoneza? potoleste-te fomeie ca vezi ce patesti daca stii prea multe!!!

Anonymous said...

mdea. ca militienii: ai vazut ba cate limbi stia ala? da' nu i-a folosit la nimic.

Daria said...

@ anonim1: nu, am ramas la cate stiam si acum e in progress germana. Inca nivel basic. in rest romana, engleza, franceza, maghiara - cat mai retin din ea. Oarecum am ajuns la concluzia ca mai bine mai putin si bine, decat de toate si nimic serios. Totusi, rusa inca ramane un plan maret.
@ anonim2: pai cam daca ma duc azi in Africa - sigur, depinde de zona, ca in unele tari engleza sau franceza sunt limbi oficiale - cred ca fac febra musculara pana le explic la aia sa nu ma manance de vie. Deci agree cu povestea militianului...stii si la ce te ajuta ca stii?!

Anonymous said...

dupa 2 saptamani de meditatie... :) da. stiu.