Thursday, 20 December 2007

Is it madness? Or it`s just ME?

NOTE!!! If you look forward to reading a logical, well-organized blog entry, then please skip my page. Don`t ask for tidiness, for logic, for reason...not today. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Just got home. Another lovely hectic day. No school on today`s menu. Researching my future. Found what I was looking for. Meeting with the interactors.
And now I should be cleaning out my closet, but I`m not in the right mood to do such things.

My winamp loves playing games with me. I just can`t focus on today`s topic. Which is telepathy.

Carevasazica e joi. (asta devinde laitmotiv, incet incet)

If the phone doesn`t ring, then it`s certainly me.
Imi plac sarbatorile.
Imi place joi. Mai ales cand vineri nu te duci la scoala. Am probleme cu absentele. Am nevoi. Am nevoie de o motivare. Am nevoie de o evadare pe partie. Am nevoie de un snowboard. Am nevoie de bani. Mi-e sete. Am nevoie de lamaie, ca iar s-a terminat. Am nevoie de spray nazal, ca s-a terminat si ala. De fapt nevoile sunt mult mai putine. Nevoia e acel lucru vital fara de care nu poti sa traiesti. Nevoie ar fi doar de aer, apa...not much more.
Gosh, not this song again...'love`s an excuse to get hurt. Do you like to hurt? I do, I do. Then hurt me.' Geeee, who invented such sad stories? Life`s much of a magical trip which step-by-step reveals its mysteries to you, not so many sighs and not so much sadness.
I really think I am mad.
Somebody help me.
I feel like I wanna kill somebody. Will you be my victim? This sounds much of a "will you be my valentine?"-question So yeap, we can sometimes say that love`s just an epiphany of suffering. But it`s not my case, since love`s not on my menu today. I should call and tell him: "Hey, today I did NOT think of you. At all." Ok, this was mean, now I should stop. The water`s boiling. And the window`s opened, I guess I should close it. But what if a snow flake gets cold and wants to enter? Hmm....I guess I`m a killer now. Cause we all know that if the tiny cute snow flake enters, it`ll die. But I don`t mind about it. I only wanna see him happy, even if it`s just for one second.

You know what? We`ll talk about telepathy a bit later. I really have to go now. Cause my room`s a whole mess and I can`t take it anymore, I have too much energy.
PS-It just stroke me a terrifying idea: what if one day I`ll be running out of it? Of energy? :-? OMG. :-o:-o:-o

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Sunnykris said...

partea cu nevoile e teribil de adevarata :))...when will they stop? :-O the posts ;)